Welcome to the Royal Navy Clearance Divers Association website.

Since the formation back in January 2012 the Association has seen its ranks swell to a healthy membership of more than 400.

For the RNCDA to be a success it relies on serving and former members of the Service to join and to fully support the objectives of the Association; I thank those of you that have joined and supported thus far, and ask that you continue to spread the word and encourage others to join.

If members have any news or dits for inclusion one the site, these would be welcomed.

RNCDA Members Only


The contents of this website is only available to RNCDA members.

RNCDA Membership is available for all serving and retired Royal Naval Clearance Divers. You can learn more about the membership requirements and download an application form here.

Current members that don’t have a username and password for the site can apply here.