Horsea Snr Rate & Officers Mess

Horsea Island Senior Rates and Officers Mess has been officially opened.  The RNRM charity has donated £6200 for improvements.
Full membership – Horsea Mess
A full member whose primary workplace (including courses) is Horsea Island, and who does not live in a service mess.
£10.00 per month
Full membership – Dual Mess
A full member whose primary workplace is Horsea Island but who is resident during the working week in a service mess and who is also a full member of that mess.
£12.00 per year
Full membership – Fleet and Field Army Members
A full member whose primary workplace is not Horsea Island and who is a member of a service mess elsewhere.
£12.00 per year
Associate membership – Horsea Mess
An associate member (i.e. not eligible for full membership) whose primary workplace (including courses) is Horsea Island.
£10.00 per month
Associate membership – Veteran
An associate member who is a veteran of the Armed Forces of their respective country.
£12.00 per year
Honorary Membership
As conferred by the Mess President
No Fee

–       Monthly and annual rates are set as above and are payable in full for any given calendar month or year, or part thereof.  No pro-rata reductions are to be made for parts of months or years.
–       No refunds will be given in respect of absence on duty. Should members wish, they can resign or terminate their membership and re-apply on their return
–              When paying by DD, use Surname as reference

Get your application by clicking on link bellow

Horsea Island S/r & Officers mess membership form download_word